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International Experience


England and New Zealand study visit with the University of Minnesota on the proposed state certification of a dental hygiene/dental therapist degree.


Port Elizabeth, South Africa  invitation to present at a global partnerships conference at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


Governor Pawlenty's Minnesota Trade and Educational Mission to China.  Higher Education member representing the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.


Educational Visit to expand higher education exchanges and research opportunities with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.


Frankfurt, Germany to visit German manufacturing companies to better understand global connections, quality benchmarks, the integration between business and industry, and the work of Alexandria Technical College,


Ankara, Turkey.  Discussions concerning the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities role in expansion of technical and university education as funded by the World Bank.


Akita, Japan.  Discussions to further the partnership between the prefecture government and MnSCU for the management and support of Minnesota State University-Akita, as well as to address accreditation issues.


Liaoning, China.  Discussions to continue the Bemidji State University Liaoning University Exchange agreement.


Kiev, Ukraine.  Discussions on the exchange agreement between Bemidji State University and Kiev State University and the discussion of potential research collaboration.


Dominican Republic.  Paper presentation and consultation to the First Women in Development and Rural Agriculture Conference, sponsored by Heifer Project International and Terra Nova, Inc.


Michigan, USA.  U.S. Future in International Development Symposium, Michigan State University.


Ibadan, Nigeria.  Consultation at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Worked on coordinating the research project of a Ph.D.  Ford Fellow at the Institute doing analysis of women's roles and infant nutrition and health.

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