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Honors and Awards


Bemidji Northwest Indian Opportunity Industrialization Center Leadership Award, 1997

Centennial Woman of Bemidji, 1996

Great Plains Sociological Society Distinguished Service Award, 1990

Women's Resource Center Commendation, 1990

Charles Sewrey Lecture Series, 1989

Gould Graduate Student Scholarship Award

McNamara Graduate Student Scholarship Award

Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Teaching Award, 1988

Outstanding Young Women of America; 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986



  • In 2009, The Minnesota High Tech Association awarded the Tekne Award for an established technology company recipient to   Career One-Stop is a collaborative project hosted  by  the state of Minnesota in partnership with the Department of Employment Economic  Development and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.  This U.S. Department of Labor grant to host a national  Web content management system, a search engine, and a new information architecture and taxonomy to serve job seekers and employers across the country and serves more than 24 million unique visitors each year.
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities received the 2006 Tekne Award for Established Technology Users from the High Tech Association for the development of Minnesota Online to provide online learning and support for students and faculty.
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities received the 2006 CAEL Institutional Service Award for the efforts of Minnesota Online to provide students with a wonderful educational opportunity.  By allowing students to access all the online learning opportunities provided by Minnesota community colleges, technical colleges and universities through one website, Minnesota Online is working towards CAEL's mission of expanding learning opportunities for adults.  CAEL also recognizes Minnesota Online as leading the way in providing opportunities for students after they finish their studies through eFolio Minnesota, the online portfolio.  We applaud this innovative service, which is available free of charge to all Minnesota residents and allows students to document their academic, personal, and professional achievements online.
  • eFolio Minnesota received the 2006 Campus Technology Innovator Award from Campus Technology magazine.  Through an agreement with Avenet, LLC, the system now shares intellectual property of eFolio Minnesota and can license individual and institutional electronic portfolios through
  • 2007 Exemplary Leader Award. The Chair Academy is an organization dedicated to advancing academic and administrative leadership training worldwide. The award represents a leader who has modeled best practices in leadership in order to advance academic and administrative leadership.

  • National Council on Student Development (NCSD) Recognition: The Veterans Reintegration strategy is being recognized by the NCSD at its October 2007 national meeting.
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